• Tree House

    This was a really fun project, with a lot of critical thinking required… Please enjoy the Photo Gallery by Xavier Fane

  • TREE House Interior

  • Nolan Residence

    Working for friends can be dubious… but this project was a blast and we’re all pleased with the outcome, have a look for your self in the Xavier Fane Photo Gallery.

  • Blue Prints


    To GC a project you have to be detail oriented yet focused not just on tasks but people. Building a home is entering into a relationship and honesty, trust, and good communication are critical…. it also doesn’t hurt to have all the subs on speed dial!


It all starts with a conscientious approach to life… so I put everything I have into your dream project and in the end it's my honor to serve you as your trusted Crested Butte Carpenter and General Contractor. Maybe it's because I'm German… but you'll experience the most well organized and timely construction projects possible- that's a promise I can keep!

  • General Contractor

    From concept to C.O. Tony will guide you through the process in an organized manner and efficiently build your dream home!

  • Master Craftsman

    Currently accepting new projects. Put 20+ years of innovation & experience as a Crested Butte carpenter and general contractor to work.

  • Property Maintenance

    Offering Home Care and Winter Maintenance… the more remote the better! Call to schedule an appointment please.

  • Sustainability

    Save energy, reduce, re-use, green, LEED, Solar, healthy, natural… We’d love to help you realize your green building goals!


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